The stories behind the products:
A few thoughts from Allon Libermann & Hye Jin Ahn on designing the Glass Rulers for Areaware.

What is a workspace? Is it a desk; a small ecosystem of one’s tools, or is a workspace more of a state of mind? Something that doesn’t actually require all that many tools. In the end, it’s probably all of those things.

We’re curious what sort of spaces people create for themselves to get work done. The ad hoc tendencies that really make workspaces personal, outside the realm of design expertise.

When we visited Donald Judd’s Soho studio we saw how everything from the bathroom, to the things he and his family collected created his studio. In one instance he co-opted a common building material, a sheet of reinforced glass, gridded with metal wire and it became a tool for rigid drawing.

Our first weekend collaboration started from a question. Why a glass ruler, Donald Judd? And this turned into a set of Glass Rulers for Areaware. Glass for how it slides across paper in fine increments with the slightest push. Glass for being transparent. Glass for having heft, and for sitting upright on a table. Donald Judd appropriated the glass in its original form; we honed all the best characteristics of that very same glass into the Glass Ruler set for Areaware.

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