“I feel like everything in this house kind of looks like a cartoon,” she says. “And I love it.” –Ellen Dusen on home decor

From Architecture Digest: "If you’re familiar with Dusen Dusen, her pattern-forward line of clothing and homewares, then you’ll know character is not the sort of thing she compromises on. This is a designer who, bored with the blah bedding market, debuted linens printed with shapes, squiggles, and fruits. Needless to say, she went for the fixer-upper.

After all, she reasoned, she knew what to expect. For several of her high school years her parents—both architects—had renovated their place in D.C. She was used to the camping-in-your-own-house thing. So she called in her dad’s D.C.-based firm, Van Dusen Architects, to help with the interiors, hired a local contractor, and set to work."

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We spotted a few Areaware items here and there around her house including all three Pattern Puzzles which Ellen released with Areaware in early 2019.
Her custom cabinets feature the same pattern found in the Pattern Puzzle, Arc.
If you look closely you might spot a few Totem Candles.
These incredible doorknobs were custom made by Nick DeMarco, a fellow Areaware designer and creator or our Pinch Clip.
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by Dusen Dusen for Areaware