Wired Magazine recently published a piece on our new Dymaxion Folding Globe, a collaboration between Brendan Ravenhill and the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

"When Buckminster Fuller released his Dymaxion map in 1954, the disjointed atlas was unusual, to say the least. He and architect Shoji Sadao created a projection showing all seven continents arranged in a nearly contiguous land mass. They projected this archipelago onto an icosahedron consisting of 20 equilateral triangles that could be rearranged to visualize geospatial information like air and sea routes.

Fuller considered his map the least distorted of all 2-D projections, but its peculiar geometry made it just as accurate as a 3-D object. Designers remain fascinated with Fuller’s projection, and many have toyed with how to display it most compellingly."

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