Our Gradient Puzzle by Bryce Wilner was recently included in the Walker Art Museum's Encyclopaedic and Evolving Spectrum of Gradient Knowledge. Examples of this include:

Blend roll (also known as Rainbow roll and Split fountain)

Iridescence (also known as Goniochromism)

A Rainbow

In their words, "a gradient, without restriction, is edgeless and ever-shifting. A gradient moves, transitions, progresses, defies being defined as one thing. It formalizes difference across a distance. It’s a spectrum. It’s a spectral smearing. It’s an optical phenomenon occurring in nature. It can be the gradual process of acquiring knowledge. It can be a concept. It can be a graphic expression. It can be all of the above, but likely it’s somewhere in between.

A gradient, in all of it’s varied forms, becomes a catalyst in it’s ability to seamlessly blend one distinct thing/idea/color, to the next distinct thing/idea/color, to the next, etc." and we agree!

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