Introducing the Areaware Spring 2017 Collection Areaware is excited to announce our Spring 2017 Collection, including eight new products and two new colorway introductions. Of note this launch are two new US manufacturing partnerships (Ikebana Ring and Concrete Table Tile), three new Areaware designers (Rachel Domm & Mary Voorhees Meehan, Gahee Kang, KangHee Kim), our first in-house design collaboration (Puzzle in Puzzle), and a special philanthropic project (Number 2) that benefits the David A. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an wildlife and elephant sanctuary in Kenya.

Spring 2016 introductions: Concrete Trivet by Bower; Ikebana Ring by Gahee Kang; Number 2 – an elephant poop matching game by Rachel Domm and Mary Voorhees Meehan; Prism Magnifier 120mm by Daniel Martinez; Puzzle in Puzzle® a collaboration between Areaware and VSCO® featuring photography by KangHee Kim; Rule of Thirds Finder by Parsons & Charlesworth; Snake Blocks by Clara von Zweigbergk and Contour Key Rings XL by Karl Zahn. Products with new colorway introductions include: Contour Key Rings, now in black; and a new clear edition of the Golden Section Finder by Parsons & Charlesworth.

Snake Blocks designed by Clara von Zweigbergk

New Domestic Partnerships: Areaware is proud to work with manufacturers across the globe. We have longstanding relationships with vendors who play a vital role in bringing our products into the world. This year we are pleased to announce that two of our new releases are being produced through sources in the United States. Our new Ikebana Ring is made in Albuquerque, NM through a woman-owned silver-casting business. Our latest addition from Bower, the Concrete Trivet, is produced in Scarborough, Maine by a concrete casting company. We are as proud of these new partnerships as we are of our skilled collaborators working worldwide.
Puzzle in Puzzle designed by KangHee Kim

In-house Design Collaboration: This year we developed the first extension to our puzzle line with Puzzle in Puzzle®, a collaboration with VSCO®, an art and technology company. Puzzle in Puzzle is a unique jigsaw, with one puzzle nested inside of another. The one-of-a-kind dieline highlights the photography of KangHee Kim, whose photos incorporate mirrors to create highly textured and fragmented scenes.

Designers: Bower, Parsons & Charlesworth, Karl Zahn and Clara Von Zweigbergk. New this season - Rachel Domm & Mary Voorhees Meehan, Gahee Kang, KangHee Kim.

Ikebana Ring designed by Gahee Kang

XL and Black Contour Key Rings designed by Karl Zahn

Our puzzle collection: Gradient Puzzle and the new Puzzle in Puzzle

Concrete Trivet in White, Black and Gray by Bower

Snake Blocks POP and Packaging

A selection of Reality by Harry Allen

Rule of Thirds Finder designed by Parsons & Charlesworth