Parsons & Charlesworth are a design team working out of their shared studio in Chicago, IL. They produce objects that explore the practical, rhetorical, poetic and speculative possibilities of object making.

We launched our first project with Parsons & Charlesworth last year with the release of the Golden Section Finder. The Golden Section Finder is a pocket sized view finder used to locate, measure or question the perception of perfection found naturally in your surroundings.

Since forming Parsons & Charlesworth, Tim and Jessica have designed objects for limited and serial production, created exhibits and installations, run workshops, designed publications, undertaken futures research and created speculative design projects. Together they employ a variety of strategies from adapting found objects to experimenting with materials and processes or rethinking typologies. Their object designs are driven by the desire to reveal phenomena or challenge conventional wisdom.

In their speculative work they create narratives in which protagonists have designed or acquired new objects to meet their previously unfulfilled needs and desires. By setting projects in fictional futures, Parsons & Charlesworth encourage the viewer to engage in speculation about their own future and the roles that objects may play in shaping it. They are interested in how to make tangible the everyday interactions that might occur as society begins to adopt and accept developments we can currently only imagine.

Tim and Jess both teach in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Discover more of their exploratory design ideas on their website.