Chen Chen & Kai Williams have been designing, experimenting and literally cross-sectioning materials in their Brooklyn studio since 2011. Working as a team the two have produced furniture, rugs and objects for both the home and body, taking full advantage of a wide range of materials and production methods.
They've worked with an extensive palette of materials, forcing stone, cement, resin, fiberglass, corian, aluminum, and polyurethane to relate to each other. Characteristically, they are just as invested in the invention of the production process as they are in the products outcome. For instance, they have used truck-bed lining finish as a texture on furniture. By soaking spandex with urethane, they hardened a soft fabric and made it into a stiff solid, they then transformed it by cutting and sanding. Using dried snakes and mushrooms, they created abstract compositions for a composite material commissioned by Mission Chinese.

The objects they produce appear alien, hurtled meteorically to earth to be discovered, dissected, and formed into a bookend or a surface. Alongside the framework of playful assemblage the work also maintains a serious sense of humor - one piece turns a bent quarter into a bottle opener, re-casting a hollowed out grapefruit as a cereal bowl or most recently a trio of mirrors or Mirror Masks based on emoji emotions.