In February of 2016, in memory of the designer, the Star Spangled Spatula was unanimously approved by the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders to become the official spatula of Cumberland County, New Jersey—the hometown of the spatula's designer, Jacob Riley-'Wasserman.

"Jacob was a gifted individual that we lost at a very young age," Cumberland County Freeholder Darlene Barber said. "We recognize in Cumberland County that we have a lot of children that are gifted. It really shows his determination to leave something special for his family and for children who suffer from the same disease that he did," she said. “We have to take this opportunity to say good things about our children, especially those children who leave us so young." —Atlantic

"As far as legacies go, the Star-Spangled Spatula is characteristically Jacob — simple yet creative, useful yet with a sense of humor and one-of-a-kind. It can be found in restaurants and gift shops across the world. His family was able to see it named the official spatula of Cumberland County and it continues to raise money for cancer research." —

Visit Jacob's website Flip4Cancer to learn about his journey, his legacy and how the each spatula purchased goes to support cancer research at the Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

View the official Cumberland County resolution here.