Our Stacking Planters designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams were deemed The Best New Planters of 2019 by New York Magazine. Both sizes quickly sold out and are now back in stock!

"When I reached out to these different design-minded people, I got a lot of responses, but the one that stood out the most — the one that had the most momentum — was this stacked planter from Areaware. “I’ve seen this design really catch on over the past year or so, and even seen pieces from other makers that seem to be heavily ‘inspired’ by it,” says Haven. He’s referring to the stacked porcelain planter designed by Chen Chen and Kai Williams, who met at Pratt and founded their New York-based design studio in 2011. They originally designed their Stacked Porcelain Planter and then licensed it to Areaware, which now manufactures it." Read More

The Stacking Planter discretely integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Lift out the bottom ring to reveal a hidden saucer. The circular stoneware form takes its inspiration from high voltage ceramic insulators found on power lines.

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